Pink detox face mask with clay, baobab and beetroot

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100% natural detox face mask with kaolin clay, baobab, carrot and beets.

Cleanses, restores and gives your face a radiant shine. Life is Pink!



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Detox Face Mask

Espresso Yourself - Life Is Pink is a cleansing and healing detox face mask with organic beet, carrot and baobab powder mixed with kaolin and bentonite clay. The mask is 100% natural and quick and easy to make. Suitable for all skin types.

The mask comes in an espresso cup with a wooden spoon. Note: the cup is made of brown cardboard instead of white cardboard (other than in the photo).

Make your world a little more pink with this delicious 100% natural detox face mask.

Mix the mask with water and it turns pink.

The bentonite and kaolin clays have natural healing and cleansing properties.

White clay gives your skin a mild peeling, cleanses your pores and makes coarse pores appear finer.

Also, white clay helps to fade fine lines and improve the complexion of your skin.

Bentonite clay is a very soft mineral clay that is extracted from volcanic ash.

A face mask with bentonite clay absorbs grease and dirt from the skin and leaves smooth and soft skin.

Baobab is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, root restores the skin and has a showy effect and beetroot gives your skin a radiant glow. Life is pink!!

Afterwards, your skin is cleansed and your face feels silky soft!

Content: 10g - makes 1 face mask.

How does it work? Add water, mix well, apply and rinse after 10 minutes.

Packaging: Espresso cup with corn plastic lid (100% compostable) & wooden spoon (from certified sustainably managed forest).



Kaolinklei, Bentonite clay, organic baobab (Adansonia Digitata Fruit Pulp), organic carrot powder (Daucus carota powder), organic beet powder (Beta Vulgaris).

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