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Surface to be polished

Surface to be polished

Cleaning application

Cleaning application

Structure of the floor

Structure of the floor

Ecobello Magnetic system |

Would you like to brush in One-third to one-half the time?
Have you had it with a sore back or wrists after brushing?

Have stripes on your floor or joints that you can't get clean?

Would you like to contribute to our planet and 90% water, product and packaging save and brushing with Sustainable materials that really last?

Sounds like music to your ears?

Then get to know us Magnetic mop system!

This magnetic mop system is the most ergonomic brushing system on the market and from professional top quality.

To be used with the Ecobello magnetic jokesSweep It jokeScrub It joke andLight mop.

The mops click themselves in by themselves thanks to the magnet in the mop holder and can be pulled up and down the flat mop holder upright: click and brush!

Together with ourFlexi Sweeper or the Proslide system this is a completely top cleaning system


Brush in One third of the time when cleaning your floor thanks to this efficient floor system in combination with our cleaning technology.
This is because you can vacuum, mop and dry in one operation!
Would you rather vacuum first? That is of course possible, then you still brush in half the time compared to a classic mop and tractor or other mop systems where you have to sopping and wringing, pressing or swirling. You can also replace the vacuum cleaner with agree with theFlexi Sweeper or the Proslide system. The Flexi sweeper is the favorite of our veterinarians! Super fast and without noise. And if it works with them with a mountain of hair, sand and dirt, it certainly works in your home.
No more Cinderella states! You work with light material that adapts to your body.
You brush with a straight back thanks to the custom-adjustable telescopic handle.
The mops are moistened with the right amount of water and polishing product and are placed upright on and off the holder.
Stoop becomes so past tense, just like sopping, wringing and dragging heavy buckets!
For example, we have many customers with a hernia, fibromyalgia or other physical complaints that thanks to theultra body friendly Magnetic Mop system can maintain their own house again!

The water consumption is reduced to a minimum: with an average of 250 ml of water you clean a complete room of 25m².
With 1 to 2 liters of water you can clean an entire house of medium size! This is on average 90% less than brushing in the traditional way. Not only 90% less water but also 90% less cleaning product and packaging! On annual basis does this mean a saving of 1500 L and dozens of liters of product!

And yet you always brush with clean water and product because we no longer wring but just take a pure mop for the next room.
If you sopping and wringing, your water will get dirty and you will brush the rest of your house with dirty water. We call these 'sauces'. The dirty water deposits on the floor and especially between joints that are usually a little deeper and porous. And that's how you get dirty joints. Also, the rubber of most floor tractors is too wide to remove the dirt and water between the joints during a thorough cleaning. That's completely different with ourFlexi Sweeper.
The mechanical operation of the microfibre 'fingers' of theSweep It on ensuring a TOP result. They look for the dirt, also between the joints, and hold it well. That is why this mop system is suitable for just about every floor! From smooth tiles to stone carpet!
The jokes are washable 1000 times. The mop system consists of sturdy aluminium and plastic. With the Magnetic system you get a sustainable cleaning system for jaaaaaaren in your home.
Good for the planet and also for your wallet!
Thanks to the time savings, the minimal consumption of water and cleaning product and the great durability of this system, you save a lot of money in the long run!
Because we are so convinced of the quality of our system, we give individuals a 5-year warranty on the joke system and all jokes.
With this system you can replace your vacuum cleaner, dust wipes, mop and puller and scrubbing brush:

  • Vacuum: can you with the Flexi Sweeper! Your floor puller will be a turning brush but one that does not raise dust! No noise from a vacuum cleaner and it goes really fast! ThePocket Mophoes prevents your tractor from getting dirty. With this cover you can also take your skirting boards with you without having to bend down!
  • Dry: polished parquet is one of the exceptions that may not be polished with water. Here you can use the jokes dry without any problems in the same way as they would be damp. Really short on time? Then you can also apply this way to your other floors. Spray some water on the front of the mop to have a better dust binding. This way you replace your vacuum cleaner but you do not do stain removal.
  • Clammy humid (maintenance cleaning): this is the ideal way to keep track of your home in a few minutes. For every 25m² you want to brush, you take a joke. The right amount of water and product is poured over this. After 15 minutes, the jokes are perfectly damp and do not drip! Sopping and wringing is therefore superfluous. Your wrists will thank you.
    With this damp mop you can vacuum, damp mop and dry in one go! This is because you follow the arrow and so effectively take your dirt with you instead of smearing it out.
    The mop gives off its moisture very nicely evenly sopping and wringing in between and drying afterwards are absolutely a thing of the past!
    Mop too dry or dirty? Just take your next joke!
  • Wet (bio-cleaning): Floor just a little too dirty?
    Pour out small puddles of cleaning solution on the floor, divide the Scrub It to soak your dirt loose. This sanding mop is ideal for loosening caked dirt. The mop is so light and efficient that you can operate the system with 6 fingers.

If you want to know more about this system or if you want to see how it works on your floor, book a Ecobello Home Workshop!

Below you can see an overview of the jokes to be used with each application:

5 jaar garantie

druppeldroogpoetsen.pngDRY BRUSHING
Sweep It and Light Mop

druppeldroogpoetsen.pngclammy damp brushing
Sweep It and Light Mop

druppeldroogpoetsen.pngwet brushing
Sweep it and scrub it

scrub it

sweep it

View the manual here :

Ecobello Magnetic System |

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