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  • Can be used with the Ecobello Magnetic flat mop system
  • TOP cleaning result thanks to the mechanical action of the microfibre 'fingers'
  • Can be used on almost all floor types
  • Can be used both damp, wet and dry
  • 90% water and product savings
  • 1000 washes

Can be used with the Ecobello Magnetic flat mop system

The integrated magnet automatically fixes the mops to the frame. Click and brush!

TOP cleaning result thanks to the mechanical action of the microfibre 'fingers' of the mops. They look for the dirt, also between the joints and hold it. The most comfortable way of cleaning! Together with our Cobra Sweeper or the Reflex ProSlide system a complete and top cleaning system

This makes these Allround mops suitable for almost all floor types, both smooth and irregular floors with deep and wide joints. They can be used dry (exceptionally), damp and wet and are therefore multifunctional.


Time savings: Save more than 50% time when cleaning your floor thanks to this efficient floor system in combination with our cleaning technology.

Ergonomic: Light material, a straight posture thanks to the custom-adjustable telescopic handle, no more sopping, wringing and bending: the mops are moistened with the right amount of water and chemistry and are placed upright on and off the holder.

Environmentally friendly: Water consumption is reduced to a minimum: between 5 ml and 250 ml per mop cloth. The consumption of chemical cleaning agents can be completely excluded or reduced to a fraction compared to traditional cleaning systems. Reusing the jokes prevents any kind of waste!

Economical: Thanks to the time savings, the minimal consumption of water and chemistry and the great durability of this system, you save a lot of money in the long run!

With this system you can replace your vacuum cleaner, dust wipes, mop and puller and scrubbing brush:

DRY: polished parquet is one of the exceptions that may not be polished with water. Here you can use the mops dry without any problems in the same way as they would be damp. Really short on time? Then you can also apply this way to your other floors. Spray some water on the front of the mop to have a better dust binding. This way you replace your vacuum cleaner but you do not do stain removal.

MOIST (maintenance cleaning): place a number of mops in a bucket (1 mop per 25-30 m² surface to be cleaned) and pour 250 ml of water over it per mop. Before pouring the water over the mops, a very small amount of detergent is added. The mops have fully absorbed the cleaning solution after 15-20 minutes and are ready for use. The mops do not drip and have the ideal moistening to bind dirt, dust and loose dirt to the mop and to do a light stain removal. With this operation, vacuuming in advance is therefore not necessary. Ideal for replacing vacuum cleaner and mop in 1 operation! When a mop is dirty or gets too dry, we take a clean mop and we continue brushing.

NAT (bio-cleaning): In this operation we clean thoroughly and remove all biomass from the floor. Pour out small puddles of cleaning solution on the floor, divide them with the mop. Here the Allround mop serves to soak your dirt loose Massage the caked dirt loose. Pull away the excess water with the Cobra sweeper or Proslide and dry with a dry mop. You can safely use this wet mop for the next room, here you do not have to take a clean one every time since this mop here only has the function to soak the dirt loose.

If you want to know more about this system or want to see how it works on your floor, book a Ecobello Home Workshop!


  • Top cleaning result
  • Can be used on almost all floor types
  • Hygienic: microfibre
  • Ergonomic: no more sopping, wringing and dragging with water
  • Ecological: 90% water saving
  • Time saving and money

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