The safety razor is completely 'in' again!

In the 1900s to about 1970s, both every man shaved with a safety razor.

The safety razor is simple but ingenious! A replaceable razor blade is clamped into a head. Cheap, extremely efficient and very durable!

Prepare well for your shaving job: you need shaving soap, a shaving brush and water. Forget about foam or gel from a spray can.

After a small period of habituation, you can achieve a great, super smooth shaving result with a safety razor. Once you've switched from the typical supermarket razor to a safety razor, you probably don't want anything else! The condition of your skin gets better and you get rid of razor burn and ingrown hairs. The safety razor but with ease with the hardest beard hairs!

A safety razor is a very sustainable, ecological and inexpensive solution. No disposable plastic and the blades are cheaper and last much longer. The safety razor itself will last a lifetime.

Are you ready to discover 'the' classic shaving experience?

Then take a quick look at our range!


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