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Conditioner - Volume & Shine - soy protein & cranberries - 100% vegetable & mineral - 240 mL

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Conditioner - Volume & Shine - soy protein & cranberries - 100% vegetable & mineral - 240 mL


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Did you know that soy is known to increase the thickness of the hair and skin? Because hair consists mainly of proteins, soy can only help with the high concentration of proteins. ATTITUDE's Super Leaves ™ Volume & Shine Conditioner contains cranberry extract and helps give hair volume and create thick and shiny locks. You will enjoy the aroma that reminds us of orange and cardamom. EWG Verified ™, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, our Volume & Shine Conditioner contains moringa seed extract, known for its anti-polluting properties. For better results, use our Volume & Shine Shampoo before applying the Conditioner. For beautiful hair, from root to tip!

- Packed with antioxidants, soy protein and cranberry extract contribute to increasing hair volume.
- Cranberry has astringent, purifying and antioxidant properties.
- Soy protein has a restorative effect, reduces frizz and gives shine to the hair.
- Moringa seed extract, with its cleansing and purifying power, helps reduce the adhesion of pollutants and detoxifies the hair and scalp.
- The aroma reminds us of orange and cardamom.
- Our conditioner comes in a squeeze case, making it easy to use.
- Free of potentially harmful preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, parabens, formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasers, benzyl alcohol and MIT.
- Our surfactants are made from vegetable glucose and fatty alcohols.

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