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volcano surfer shaving soap - lemon verbena, ylang ylang and charcoal

This jet black soap withcharcoal, ylang-ylang and lemon verbenaOils are made forAdventurers

The unusual blend has bothcoldIfwarm tones.
This is how it feels to slide down the slope of a volcano and feel the inner fire like a warm breath, while a fresh wind blows in your face.

This species has thanks to charcoalantiseptic propertiesAnd is therefore particularly suitable for thesensitive skin.
In addition, Volcano Surfer has aBalancing effectIf the room temperature and weather outside differ greatly - whether it's on an icy winter morning or on a hot summer day.

Packed in an aluminium box

roman road shaving soap - laurel oil and lemon balm

The noble Mediterranean aroma of this pastel green soap is based on preciouslaurel oil, supplemented by essential oils ofgeraniumAndlemon balm.

This noble blend inspires, gives courage and strength.
Smelling it feels like you're wearing a laurel wreath, ready to forge your own path — as far as a Roman road.

This variety is very suitable for the warm season: the foam isSoothing,hydratingAnd leaves a sense oflightnessBehind.

free dive shaving soap - lime, peppermint and cambrian clay

Light blue soap with Cambrian clay, peppermint and the essential oils oflimeAndeucalyptus.
If you like afresh feelingWhile shaving, you will appreciate the cooling effect.

This blend feels like you're immersing yourself in pleasantly cool seawater — and as the first breath when you emerge.

This variety is particularly suitable for thesummer season: the long-termcooling effectIs good for the skin and the Cambrian clay allows the pores to breathe.

terracotta warrior shaving soap - mandarin and red clay

This terracotta-colored soap withred clayGives awarm, soothing, delicate foam.

The subtleAsian aromaBrings a sense oflightingAs if a door opens for you, showing you the splendor of the Imperial Terracotta Army.

Thanks to themandarin- andcarrot oilsThis variety is particularly suitable forwindy spring and autumn daysWithvarying air temperatures:
the combination of these oils with clayprevents irritation and soothes dry and sensitive skin.

Packed in an aluminium box

glacier breakfast shaving soap - camphor, patchouli & black clay

Pearl grey soap with fragments of black clay and the icy scents of camphor, geranium and patchouli oils.

The scent takes you high into the mountains, where the ice glistens in the sun long before the first rays of sunlight reach the roofs of the valley

Thanks to theantiseptic properties of clay and aromatic oilsThis refreshing soap is ideal for theSensitiveSkin.

We recommend that in addition to shaving Glacier Breakfast foam asaftershaveTo apply.

Packed in an aluminium box

apricot & bergamot shaving soap

Vegan shaving soap made fromolive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, indigo, essential oils of vetiver and eucalyptus.

Enriched withcastor oil, gives it alightAndFresh foamReady.

Rediscover the pleasure of shaving like real hairdressers.

Castor oilNourishes the skinTo help with better hair growth.

No more hairs that grow back under the skin or damaged skin. From the first use, your skin issoft, without redness, without the "razor burn".

Made in France.

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